MMN is an online BBS running in Toronto since 1996, just before the internet became massive, we currently offer free email, USENET, file downloads and external IRC, FTP and Telnet to our verified users.

This is our kind of defacto website for the BBS, it's not the actual BBS, the subgroups are a mirror of some of the conferences on the system and good for those who prefer a web based flavour or getting involved in discussions via email as it's not always easy to dial-up/telnet on the go.

You can dial in to the BBS on (416) 548-4117 or via telnet (port 23) - a web based client is available here.

We recommend SyncTerm for Windows XP+, MacOS X and Linux Flavours to connect to the BBS, but if you have Windows 95 or at least a compatible version of XP, the wcNavigator client is recommended.

You can see the USENET feeds we hold and the QWK Networks we carry, these aren't mirrored out to this group so you will need to access them via telnet.  System status messages can be found in #status under Announcements.

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