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MMN is an online BBS running in Toronto since 1996, just before the internet became massive, we currently offer free email, USENET, file downloads and external IRC, FTP and Telnet to our verified users. This is our kind of defacto website for the BBS, it's not the actual BBS, the subgroups are a mirror of some of the conferences ( ) on the system and good for those who prefer a web based flavour or getting involved in discussions via email as it's not always easy to dial-up/telnet on the go. You can dial in to the BBS on *(416) 548-4117* or via telnet ** ( port 23 ) - a web based client is available here ( ). We recommend SyncTerm ( ) for Windows XP+, MacOS X and Linux Flavours to connect to the BBS, but if you have Windows 95 or at least a compatible version of XP, the wcNavigator ( ) client is recommended. You can see the USENET feeds ( ) we hold and the QWK Networks ( ) we carry, these aren't mirrored out to this group so you will need to access them via telnet.  System status messages can be found in #status under Announcements ( ). *Want to help the board ?* Support the BBS ( ) ( Outside of 🇪🇺 ( ) )
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The announcement category
  • BBS Announcements (CONF 1)
    BBS Announcements
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  • Chit Chat (CONF 2)
    Conference 2 - Local Chit Chat - Anything goes, any topic you like.
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  • Comments Redacted
    The discussion group following the posts in the Redacted Identity ( ) Archive. *When posting - Important * To make sure the discussion is actually relevant and can be tracked back, please always use the hashtag of the article you are discussing. For example, you want to comment on this article : Your subject would be My Subject #7cd58a93
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Jeux Vidéos

Video Gaming
  • Retrogaming (CONF 4)
    Retro Gaming Conference
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LGBTQ+ Related Conferences
  • Gay Youth Canada - GYC (CONF 7)
    Gay Youth Canada
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Software based lists
  • Emailer-Talk Discussion List (CONF 50)
    Claris Emailer (often stylized as Claris Em@iler) is a discontinued e-mail client for the classic Mac OS created by Fog City Software. It was bought and marketed by the Apple Inc. spin-off Claris. In addition to internet email, it supported sending and receiving email to online services such as AOL, Applelink, Compuserve. It was the only third- party e-mail client licensed to directly access AOL e-mail. Additionally, it was one of the first commercial applications to support the Internet Config preferences management system. It had advanced e-mailing features for its time, such as automatic e-mail address completion, an intuitive address book, support for multiple signatures, and a scriptable interface. Many AppleScripts have been written that enhance Emailer and are available online. It was released both in a full and a lite version, and the latter was included for free in Mac OS 8. It remained a Mac-only software title until it was eventually killed by Apple in the late 90s. The last version, 2.0v3, was released in 1998, and the software title is no longer supported by Apple. Emailer continues to work in the Classic Environment running under Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger. To date an Emailer-Talk mailing list is still active offering advice to keep the software functioning. *Want to help the board ?* Support the BBS ( )
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  • mmn | ao
    Hello ao, the group for
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  • Commodore 64 (CONF 3)
    C64 Conference
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  • mmn | ec
    EC.JE - The List
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  • mmn | lj
    LJ.GL Sub-Group
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  • Oldware
    The Oldware Group - Discussing everything retro.  All emails will be converted to plain text and attachments stripped. Photo by Anastasia Dulgier ( ) on Unsplash ( )
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