Mail Problems are Problems


Hello Internautes !

I previously hosted a mailcow instance on my network, which recently
just decided it wanted to die on it's own accord. This unfortunately
meant that inbound and outbound email to was cut.

Good news is that it queued on the local mail thrower and on the
external mail servers, one of the many reasons I don't do direct

Anyways, having had a *really* bad time with Postfix today trying to get
it to not enforce a TLS policy on the board machine (when sending
internally from the thrower to this machine), I managed to get it to
accept, relay, and not TLS to the BBS machine after like 2 hours of
screaming and panic google.

What this means is everything works again, but since mailcow is the one
that did the DKIM signing for messages all emails are no longer DKIM
signed until I can figure out how to fix that.

I could use DuoCircle again, but I like how SpamHero strips headers to
external mail servers (plus I pay for it, so there is that).

If you notice any problems, let me know.