Email Updates


Hola Internautes !

Just a little announcement from the board. I've been able to fix some
of the internal relay issues to make up for the fact the board itself
isn't able to receive email correctly with TLS.

The great part about this is that it gives a better way to seal off
ports to the board that let spam get through.

Now with a little magic, Mailcow, and SpamHero I'm able to kill off the
external SMTP port to the board and all mail is handled on network.

This also means all external email to the gateway is now encripted until
the point of delivery within the internal network. At that point it's
relayed unencrypted within the private network since there isn't much

There is also a new outbound relay that I'm using which is a bit better
than Duocircle, but you will notice a delay in some cases as emails can
be flagged for a deep filter which adds a good few hours on to delivery
(if it's a bit too SPAMMY).

If you hit any problems, please let me know via Kevin on the board.