QWK Networks Went Boom


Hello Internautes,

Well it seems there was an issue with the QWK packet exchanger for
DOVE-Net, MicroNet, RetroNet, and GameNet. It seems the batch locked in
as active back in December.

It's been fixed now, but problematically, all networks but DOVE-Net were
able to be reimported. It seems that when it went in for DOVE-Net,
tried to upload the REP packet, the FTP connection crashed out resetting
all the pointers there.

So, I could reset the DOVE-Net account and redownload everything, or the
option I am likely to do, just lose out on just under a month of

Clearly, the easy option is the option I'm doing :D

If it's really important to any of you, let me know and I'll do the deed
to get caught back up;


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