Hello Internautes !

I've started some work on a web board sharing a local NNTP server that
is also linked in to my local network Leafnode server (complicated right
?) to start getting a nice public / text based thing going.

I previously used Mutant Penguin's Usenet server but with anything based
in an old protocol it died many years ago.

So that's where comes in to the game, it's a FUDForum
hosted in the German webspace that can connect to the backend Usenet
service. On the board, you'll notice a few new mmn.* hierarchies
starting to come up.

The first reboot was, I'm ashamed to admit I let that one
slide over the years. It's a shame it never quite came back to what it
was back in the early 2000s, but here's to hoping it will.

As I go along adding new topics, some of the local feeds will be added
in there too.

Any questions by all means, ask away !


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