Periodic Update - June Edition


Hola Internautes !

It has been a strange old time here, and I've been a bit silent, mainly
because I'm back at work fulltime so this takes priority but also 2020
has been a little intense and I've really just noped out of the internet
for a while.

When we're ignoring the shitshow that is our doomed planet because of
climate change that nobody but Greta seems to give a shit about, we have
things like Nazis, Facists, and good old fashioned Racists feeling
brazen enough to show their faces in public. Like we didn't have some
kind of debate about this on a global scale from 1939 to 1945.

Then there is the pandemic, brought to you by 5G and Bill Gates
appearently (I don't believe this shit, but since it's 2020 internet I
have to warn that, this is indeed, sarcasim).

So yeah, it's been a bit too much and I've spent a lot of time at home.
But now that the second wave of this 1918 level pandemic seems not to be
immediate, I can start going back outside again.

I think the BBS Newsletter for June will be totally late, mainly because
I've not even started thinking about content.

My apologies if this seems a bit angry writing, but this is where we as
humanity seem to be, blocked in some kind of dumbfuck timewarp.


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