Did a thing to the website


Title: Did a thing to the website
Authors: kevin <sysop@bbs.ec>
Date: 2020-05-24T09:18:18-00:00
ID: f31062f0-47fd-475e-8978-88d1f0318248

Hello Internautes !

Itís a me, Mario ! Well maybe not.

Iíve been really in my own little text based world for the past weeks, so Iíve tried a few
things for the lols like [Hugo](https://gohugo.io/) and [Logarion]
(https://logarion.orbitalfox.eu/) for a play.

I managed a good install on my local VM for Hugo, but since the VMís version of Ubuntu
is off support I canít get OCAML for Logarion, the had to outsource to a VPS with

Considering Iíve started to lose love of WordPress for a while now (there have been 20
updates in the last week) and need something a bit more lightweight, Logarion won for
the BBS site.

I also decided to rollback ec.je to a very simple version and tilde things with web user
accounts, which is why bbs.ec now redirects to ec.je/~bbs/. Iíve not yet decided if Iím
going to rollback uldl, but thatís a bit hard with my journal at lj.gl.

Iíve gone back and posted a lot of content on the bbs.ec site, there is a few updates to
do. Youíll notice that the About page is more detailed, timings questionable though.

That be all for now.


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