While not an announcement per se, it's a thing OK


Hello Internautes !

I'm about to post something from my blog, since this whole being locked
up for an extended amount of time is driving me a bit nuts :D

This happened last night, told in the medium of text message.

[23:48, 24/03/2020] Kevin: I just had a hilarious moment

[23:49, 24/03/2020] Kevin: Getting out of bed for a pee, halfway down I
managed to knock over a pint glass, thing rolls on the floor and
smashes, I try not to step in the glass, which of course means I fall
into it repeatedly, screaming

[23:50, 24/03/2020] Kevin: While all this is kicking off, I’m spraying
an ungodly amount of blood from a small little cut all over my floor

[23:50, 24/03/2020] Kevin: I give up

[23:50, 24/03/2020] Kevin: I stand in the glass cos there ain’t
anything else to stand in at this point

[23:51, 24/03/2020] Kevin: Grab the brush, bleed everywhere, try and get
this shit sorted before Kaja comes flying into the kitchen, because she
will of course, and there will be more blood and screaming

[23:52, 24/03/2020] Kevin: Meanwhile, the reason I came down is because
I needed to pee, so here I am about to piss my self, covering the floor
in more blood

[23:52, 24/03/2020] Kevin: Sweeping up

[23:53, 24/03/2020] Kevin: And my nose is running too, so blood
everywhere, going to burst a seal at any moment, nose dripping in

[23:53, 24/03/2020] Kevin: Sweeping while of course stepping on more
glass, bleeding more, making this problem a fucking horror show

[23:54, 24/03/2020] Kevin: Finally get all the pieces I can find, check
my foot, and in the process nick myself on a ninja splinter in my food,
now bleeding from my hand, considering to just piss myself and call it a

[23:55, 24/03/2020] Kevin: Eventually, it’s all swept up, now I’m
using wet wipes to clear a murder scene, still wishing I took the
opportunity to wet myself, when I waddle to the toilet, do my business,
figure OK we done now

[23:56, 24/03/2020] Kevin: To find Kaja blast through the windows cos
now she’s having an argument with a fucking leaf and is rilled up by
the fact she can smell blood, metaphorically and figuratively

[23:57, 24/03/2020] Kevin: I was à good 3 minutes away from being very
asleep before all of this

[23:58, 24/03/2020] Kevin: Now, now I am going to stare at the ceiling
while the angry one tries to kill whatever she thinks just exploded in
the flat

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