Changes to the mailing lists #mailinglists


Hello Internautes,

I've started to make a lot of changes on to the system and how
everything reintegrates with the BBS.

Since the BBS has moved back in house, this is becoming more of a centre
piece of my digital legacy (as it were).

Since I lost the wcListServer software a few years back, hosting the
mailing lists is a bit of a challenge. But also since the mail levels
could easily become pretty high if a list becomes popular, then I could
find myself having to make the move again.

This is why I decided to move the mailing lists off of DreamHost (mainly
because they're refusing to upgrade Mailman) and on to

The good thing about this move is that everything will then be served
off of my main list with sub groups to split off
everything, thus making sure it's not too chaotic.

Some of the groups you'll be able to post from without having to
subscribe on

Any questions as always, let me know.


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